Short story

Perfect wrong number……

The sun comes out from the horizon, fades away the dark night. Birds are singing and flying from one another tree. It seems that they are celebrating and want to say everyone that the dark night faded away. Cold breeze blows over land with slightly greenery essence (essence of fresh air, dew, flowers).
Tanushree opens her eyes and see that reddish-orange sun. The morning rays kiss her innocent and beautiful face. She stands in her balcony with her morning coffee. Listening music with sip of coffee and cold air kiss your face, give coldness to your soul; a wonderful morning. Her phone display flashes and a message pops up, it’s from an unknown number; she ignores. She gets ready and leaves for her office. She returns home in evening and checking out social media. She finds that there are more messages come from that number. She has a thought that who is this. So, she decides to text back.

Tanushree – Hey!!!!

Unknown – Hello man

Where are you? I have been messaging you since morning and you reply me now.

[ She confuses ….. ]

Tanushree – Sorry, I don’t know you. Do you know me? And I don’t even know you.

Unknown – Damn Manav!

Don’t trick to me. You moron.

You forget me. I’m Yug.

Tanushree – You are messaging to wrong person. I’m Tanushree, not Manav.

Yug – Oh crab!

I’m sorry. I’m such an idiot. Without knowing whom I was messaging, I said lots of things. Please pardon me.

[ She is laughing on him…..]

Tanushree – Yup! You are an idiot. LOL !!!!!

And the conversation starts….
Yug, also live in same city but in the other end of the city. She starts messaging him. Random conversation coverts into daily talk. She share a secure dimension with him. She feels relax and after talk with him. He becomes an important part of her like. A friend that she never meet him except calls and messages. Even she doesn’t know that how does he look? They share a strong bond. Tree of love grows, day after day tree become huge and strong. She falls in love. Her habit becomes her need. She realizes that she has come far from friendship. She falls for his views and values. Her face is shinning but a something is bothering her for inside; it can easy see in her eyes. She is worried about his relationship status because their conversation never went on that path. She is confused with her feeling and condition. Her mind has lots of questions ; is that really love or attraction?, if he married or committed then what could I do?, if he like me as a friend and reject my proposal and many of that. She decides that she meet him and express her feelings and it’s totally up to him whatever he thinks about me.
” What is that feeling? Is that love; if that is love then how could I face him. No, it’s not attraction, it’s a love between two minds, between two souls. An unconditional love without any expectations and conditions. There is no need of giving attention, no need of promises, no need of intimacy. It’s a pure love; a love beyond this dimension.”
She calls him and asks out for Saturday night’s dinner. They fix their plan and wait for that night. Finally, that night came, she wears a red pretty dress and leave for venue and texts him. After struggling in traffic she has reached there. A young, good looking man standing on the gate of restaurant and that is Yug. He gives roses to her; takes her hand and both walk inside the restaurant. She is blushing continuously but doesn’t say any thing except “ Hi “. Both are sitting silent and watching here and there. At last, she break the ice, and starts talking about work. But she also hasn’t enough courage to express her feeling. They order dinner and a bottle of red wine. They start dinner with random talks. He offers her a night walk in restaurant’s garden with a glass of wine under the sky full of stars. She is very nervous her bones are shaking but she controls herself and also enjoys the walk. When they reach in the middle of garden, he suddenly bend on knees, open a small box containing a ring and propose her. He says, “ Would you like to make this wrong number be your perfect wrong number? ”. She is totally shocked, her eyes are glittering, her face is smiling and a drop of tear falls from her eyes on the diamond of that ring. Her tear is more expensive than that diamond….


Why is rape happening????

RAPE, a poisonous truth of the society. Nowadays we are talking about modernity, development, equality and women empowerment but the reality is that they are raped every minute in the world. There is no development, equality , women empowerment or law can be able to stop this bloody inhuman activity. And the worst thing, society always blame them for be rapped. They say that girls wear short dress and invite rapist, first of all if the country claim that it is a modern society and a futuristic mindset so why are you raising the question on her dresses, why? It simply means that you have a very conservative mindset and you can’t think out your mindset.

Every minute they are exploited in homes, offices, colleges, schools, streets, etc. We think that it is happening with adult girls but the evilness of a man is getting worst. They rapped infant girl child. Just think about it, a 3 months baby girl, she is not able to identify her mother and what does she do that make a man excited? Her innocent eyes , her soft little hand or her dress excited you? Everyday you read these type of inhuman activity news in newspaper. And the deadly part is that most of the rape are done by relatives, friends and known ones; in 20% cases it was done by random people. It shows that they are betrayed by their own believes.


Rapist are not a human beings. They are an evil with human face. They had a evil mindset that women are made for men need and they are only a object to please men. 2 days ago, I saw an ISIS commander interview taken by an american journalist in a jail. He said that her supreme thought him that women are only for physical pleasure, use and killed them. Everyday they rapped hostage women and girls doesn’t matter what age is and killed them. Every rapist have same mindset they are terrorists. Law should hang them. For his 10 minutes pleasure they ruined her whole life.

I request to every boys and men if you don’t do something good for her then please don’t ruin their life. Think about your females members in your family that if she will trap in this situation what will she feels? So , protect girls and encourage to do great and achieve a great life. And also guide other men and boys to don’t practice this evil activity with any women and girls. Most of population are young and positive mindset, they have ability to change the society. We can change it. And we will….

#women need love and care not to be exploit..


Likhuga main……..

Dil ne kha tere bare mein kuch likhu,
But main kya likhu..

Teri un raat si kali akho k bare mein jise meri nazre mile to phir samaye ka kuch pta n rhta,
Ya teri kaano ki wo baliyo k bare mein jise main aksar khela krta tha…

Nh likhuga tmhari churiyo k bare mein kyuki tm wo pehna nh krti thi,
Likhuga to yeh ki ganto teri haato ko apne haato mein lekhr hm dubte suraj ko dekhte the….

Yaad h tuze teri masum sa cehra ush roshni mein khil sa jata tha,
Aur roj main yahi apna dil har aata tha…..

Aaj v Meri khaan traste hai teri wo hasi ko,
Dil ko intezar h teri payal ki khanak sune ko……

Jb v likhuga main kho sa jauga
Un palo m wapas laut jauga
Adhuri rah jayegi teri tariphe
Lekin yeh dil phir tuzpr fida ho jayega……

©the Blue Ocean

*[For my love one ❤️]


Pyaar ?

Muze nh pta pyaar kya hai,
Bas itna pta hai.
Tmhari bate ghanto sunna pasand hai,
Tmhari hasi pasand hai.

Muze nh pta pyaar kya hai,
Bas itna pta hai.
Tmhara masum chehra bina ruke dekhna pasand hai,
Tmhari khubsurat muskan pasand hai.

Muze nh pta pyaar kya hai,
Bas itna pta hai.
Tmhare hato m hath daal k chlna pasand hai,
Tmhari goad m sir rkh sona pasand hai.

Muze sacch m nh pta pyaar kya hai,
Bas itna pta hai,
Tmhari wo masum badmasi pasand hai,
Tmhari har khwais ko pura krna pasand hai.

Agr log ishe pyar khte hai,
To muze tmhe bht pyaar krna pasand hai.

©the Blue Ocean



Dear friends,

I got nominated for THE SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD by Cherry Di from That Indian Girl In Sweden blog. It is an interesting blog. She was also a very kind hearted. I’m very glad that you choose me for this award. Friends show some love 💖 for her blog.

I want to give you a special thanks for nominate me and help me to participate.

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Cherry Di doesn’t ask any question to me but I want to share my story with you friends how do I start writing blog.

I start writing blog few months ago. I am a beginner blogger. You can easily analysised it by my posts 😊. I’m an introvert and face hesitation. So I choose this way to show my thoughts and connect to world. I’m working hard and continuously to raech the best version of my thoughts and write up. Thanks to all my supporting friends who continue suggest me and show the right path.

Chirasree Di from Shreeblogs support and guide me many times.

Thanks Di !

Now, according to rule I’m nominating my favorite 11 bloggers and ask only one question. So, these are my favorites bloggers –

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Now the question for you guys –

How did you start your blogs?

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Meaning of life

I’m not a saint so I haven’t about idea what has written in Vedic literature. I want to share my own experience what do I think about life.

Life , what a simple and small word but it’s meaning is quite complicated. Nowadays, our generation run behind success, money and lavish lifestyle for comfortability but my dear friends like means happiness , lots of happiness . It’s not a comfortability. We are here for give something good to nature. Do that things which gives you happy. I mean sensible thing which not harms others.

We are humans so we have to more humble and benevolent. Life is not live for own needs, it’s other side is help the others. Make society a better place to stand but nowadays we are going on a wrong path. People betrayed each other. They raped girl after that they didn’t stop here their evilness is ultimate level. Now they started raping newly born girl. And our so called gentlemen are only sharing news, posts , pics on social media and say like for show your support. What the hell is going on if you not do anything for victims they why do you do these bloody stuff. We become a heartless, cruel , ethicless human being who only concern about their social account and fake identify.

I don’t know about why are we here but one thing I sure and want to say we aren’t here to do these inhuman things…


Promise of love…..

Your smile is amazing; your beauty is so true. Your eyes shine like stars, your lips glitters like the golden pearl, your presence has captured my soul, your smile has the magic to fascinate, your breath has given warmth to a heart – a place once so dark and cold. You’re a gift made in worthy of more than a divine crown. I promise you everything to bring, I promise you everything I have to give, take this promise of love, I promise to be your love as long as I live.